QDJP Invitation to Participate

QDJP Invitation to Participate

Dear Mr Kumar,
We are delighted to inform you that your application to participate in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant on Sunday, 3rd June 2012 has been successful.

All participants should plan to be on the river from Friday 1st – Monday, 4th June 2012 to give time for crews to be briefed and for vessels to be scrutineered for safety and security. Each vessel will be given an arrival and departure time in order to ensure safely controlled river traffic on this busy weekend and to provide a safe, timely and controlled arrival and departure.

Basic mooring facilities will be provided at the Royal Docks. For crews of rowed vessels there will be camping and launching facilities in the Barn Elms area, provided free of charge from 1st – 4th June. If you wish to stay in London for longer, you must arrange additional mooring and accommodation yourself.

Launching and mustering areas are located in the Barn Elms area, dispersal areas are in and around the Royal Docks. Rowed vessels will disperse at various sites where their vessels will be trailered back to camp sites. Specific launching, mustering and dispersal information for your vessel will be sent to you in due course and must be followed exactly.

Although the river will re-open sometime after the Pageant, all boats are strongly advised to remain in dock (or trailered) overnight on Sunday, 3rd June owing to the much higher than average commercial river traffic that is likely to make navigation hazardous for recreational vessels.

By accepting this invitation you agree to adhere to the scrutineering, safety and security information below set out by the Port of London Authority (PLA) and the Pageant organisers. Please note that an incomplete response will not be accepted. Please respond to this invitation with the information requested below by Friday 17th February 2012 in order to secure your place in the Pageant.

We look forward to your participation within the Pageant and thank you for your support.

Kind regards
Pageant Co-ordinator on Behalf of Adrian Evans Pageant Master

Safety Agreements & Information

  1. Please agree to the safety comment below from the QDJP Marine Selection Panel: None
  2. Please confirm the dimensions of your vessel as submitted in your registration (in metres):
    • Vessel Length: 25 metres
    • Vessel Beam: 6 metres
    • Vessel Draft: 2 metres
    • Vessel Max Height: 5 metres
  3. To enable scrutineering to be completed in good time before Saturday, 2nd June you should state where you are coming from and your ETA and how you intend to enter the tidal Thames (man-powered exempt).
  4. Provide copies of the insurance documents for your vessel attached in PDF / JPG format files no larger than 3MB. Insurance liability coverage should be for £2million pounds available from insurance companies including the following: http://www.pla.co.uk/handbook/port_community.cfm/flag/3/class_id/49
  5. A generic passage plan will be produced by the Pageant, but every vessel master should adapt this generic passage plan to produce an individual passage plan specific to his/her own vessel. This should at least, show minimum keel and air draught clearances required and the associated tide height limits to maintain the planned clearances.

Security Details Required (This will be required by 31st March 2011)

  1. Each vessel is required to submit a security document listing:
    • Vessel Length: 25 metres
    • Full names of all crew and passengers aboard
    • Gender of all crew and passengers aboard
    • Date of Birth for all crew and passengers aboard
    • Full address of all crew and passengers aboard
  2. Every crew member and passenger aboard will be required to provide photographic ID, such as a national driving licence or passport.
  3. In order to facilitate the security and safety of all participants we reserve the right to search any vessel and eject any vessel from the Pageant which is thought to be a danger or disruption to the Pageant.

As the Pageant will be broadcast, absolutely no external amplification of music will be permitted unless agreed with the Pageant beforehand.

General safety regulations for the Pageant

  1. All vessels within the Pageant will be required to follow the safety and emergency procedures which will be provided by the PLA in due course.
  2. Total number of persons permitted aboard are 14 or less, which includes crew members. Each vessel is expected to carry a minimum of at least two crew members unless the vessel is a Class V passenger vessel, or the vessel's licence or plate states less than 14 persons permitted, or Marine Selection Panel have restricted otherwise.
  3. If the weather on the day is deemed unsafe for your vessel, the Pageant Foundation, with advice from the Port of London Authority, reserves the right to remove your vessel from the Pageant or place restrictions, such as the removal of large flags or canopies.
  4. All Steamer funnels to be raised throughout the Pageant.
  5. All Masters of Class V or commercial vessels must submit copies of their qualifications in April 2012 for PLA scrutiny.
  6. No passengers may sit on the roof of any vessel.
  7. No alcohol or drugs may be consumed (All Master's and Crew must adhere to the Pageant Drink and Drugs Policy).
  8. All boat names must be clearly visible.
    • It is the responsibility of the master of the craft to ensure that he is 'fit to participate'. This means he is in a good state of health, considers himself well in mind and body, is properly rested and below the highways drink-drive limits.
    • Participation is conditional on successfully passing pre-event scrutineering and final scrutineering on Sunday, 3rd June 2012. A scrutineering checklist will be provided.
    • No participants are to launch and use their own tenders for this event on the tidal Thames, both in the Avenue of Sail and Barn Elms Reach mustering moorings. A Water Taxi service is provided to transfer people to and from the shore.
    • All participants must prepare their own Passage Plan, using the information given to all from the Generic Passage Plan and Safety Guidance Notes.
    • Avenue of Sail participants may take their moorings on Friday, 1st June and must vacate by Wednesday, 6th June. If your vessel requires longer term moorings, then you must arrange this yourself. Moorings may be available in various London Docks and some in the Woolwich Reach area via the Port of London Authority, Moorings Manager (Barbara Jewiss, 01474 562421).



Congratulations – you and your boat are taking part in the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant!
This is a truly unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we hope you have a wonderful time.
The media are already very interested in the Pageant and you've probably already seen news stories about the flotilla.
That interest will increase dramatically over the next five months, in the run-up to Sunday 3 June 2012 and they're likely to want to speak to you about your participation in the Pageant.
This is a short briefing note to give you some guidance and information about dealing with the media.


Thank you

    The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant media team is run by Pagefield. All dealings with national and international media should be managed by Pagefield. So please don't contact national or national media yourselves – this includes newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. And if they contact you, please refer them to us in the first instance. We'll then help you manage an interview or any other requests. Our contact details are at the end of this document.
    You are very welcome to contact your regional and local media (radio, newspapers, magazines, websites, TV) yourselves and to answer questions or do interviews if they contact you. Likewise, you can also manage any dealings with the boating media yourselves. If you have any problems and want some help, please let us know.
    ll official information about the Pageant can be found on our website www.thamesdiamondjubileepageant.org and all information, images and press releases are here. If you go to the Media Centre pages www.thamesdiamondjubileepageant.org/MediaCentre you will also find a very useful set of Frequently Asked Questions. You need to register on the website to get into the Media Centre pages (it only takes a minute to do that) but you don't need to be a journalist. You can direct any member of the local, regional or boating media to these pages for information.
    We know everyone will be thrilled to take part in the Pageant and that will undoubtedly come out in any interviews you do. Most journalists will be interested in your story and the story of your boat and the crew; they will probably also want to talk about the preparation and the journey you'll be making to London for the Pageant. Don't forget, though, that journalists are always looking for news angles and for something that will make a sensational headline, so please be aware of that when you talk to the media. Anything and everything you say can be used in a newspaper or online article or on a TV or radio programme. If you are worried about anything, please do contact us.