Pravasi Legal Council wins the NRI Study quota case in the Kerala High Court.

Cochin, April 19, 2011


Admission to higher studies for Non Resident Indians became a political issue in Kerala and the leftist led Government denied admission for hundreds of Pravasi children for higher studies where they claim to have 100% literacy in the state. The admission quota issue was presented to the High Court of Kerala to obtain 15% quota for NRI's as approved by the All India Council for Technical Education; an education governing body of the Government of India.

The Pravasi Legal Council; an affiliate of World Malayalee Council (WMC) has fought the case in the Kerala High Court represented by Advocate Jose Kannanthanam, who is also the Chairman of the Pravasi Legal Council in India.

The Division Bench of the Kerala high Court ordered against the Government of Kerala and restored the 15% quota for Non Resident Indians for higher studies including in the field of Engineering, Management and Pharmacy.

The Overseas Indian children who want explore India's tradition and cultural values can now seek admission in several universities in the state of Kerala, said Dr. Sreedhar Kavil, Chairman of the WMC Advisory Council in New York.

Dr Kavil also said WMC is "issue oriented "and its mission is to take up such issues on behalf of the Non Resident Indians around the world. WMC is now pursuing the Indian Parliament to pass the Pravasi Property Protection (PPP) Bill to provide justice and protection for properties owned by many who live abroad and away from their home state. The proposed PPP bill is a collective effort of many million NRI's and Dr Sreedhar Kavil urged Pravasi Indians to continue fighting for our birth rights and justice in India.

News released by: Alex Vilanilam Koshy